lundi 9 février 2009

Arabian Adds

This is so Arabic! Look at the picture perfect, happy little boy.

"Dinner and a movie, at Ibn Battuta Mall."

The bunny forms word "la", which means "no" in Arabic. This add was part of a campaign againts porn in the KSA.

"A toast to the best creatives in a race to the top." Mena Cristal Awards add.

"Maybe a bit too honest." Motivate Publishing

"Let your kids play longer." Nivea Sun.


"On this World Press Freedom Day, we salute the journalists, editors and photographers who brave death or jail to bring us daily news."

Out of topic, but I just like the expression on the baby's face.

"Infinite opportunities for definite (Arab) potential."

<= 2, o = 5. 25 years of Saudi Arabian airlines.


"Boundless energy to perform" U-hum...

BurJuman Mall.

"Our mission to support children from cancer is missing one thing..."

An add of a traveling agency in KSA during winter. I would be so pissed.

I love Wild Wadi. They have good adds too.

"One day, expect the universe from us", World travel agency.

"Shy Sally is not in shy mood on our corporate fun day"

...yes, but I will never get bored of Bollywood clichés :)

"The biggest supermarket can only be found inside Kuwait's Biggest Mall."


"Al Ain Zoo, now open till midnight."

"Al Arabiya (a newspaper) knows more."

"Al Arabiya knows more."

"Al Arabiya knows more."

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